Thousands Of People From Canada Are Cancelling Their Netflix Subscriptions Because Of This Free Service

Streaming giant Netflix has lost thousands of users from Canada this week due to a competitor service that has just been released and is free for life to people in Canada.

The new service is called MovieFlix and it provides a streaming service identical to Netflix but with a lot extra. It's reportedly much faster, cleaner and has more to stream than Netflix and currently they are giving free lifetime access to the first 5000 people although we heard they are coming pretty close to this number already. With a near unlimited selection of HD movies and TV series that play with amazing quality and load with blazing speeds on all sources of playback, it's no wonder that thousands have already switched over since MovieFlix's release 3 weeks ago.

We have been told by MovieFlix that the last day to sign up for free is

If you are currently paying for Netflix, it's probably a good idea to try out MovieFlix before it's too late, once this promotion is gone, it's gone.


How To Register A Free MovieFlix Account:

  • Are you from Canada? Then you qualify for a free account. Follow the instructions below.
  • Click on this link to go to MovieFlix's Registration Page.
  • Enter your email address and setup a new password.
  • Enter your name and credit card details to verify that you are from Canada (your card will not be charged as registration is 100% FREE).
  • Follow the on-screen instructions and then start searching for your favourite shows/movies!

Nico Sipes, Louise Conlin and 229 others

Matt Teesdale I have just signed up and from my first impressions, it's looking like a good choice 馃槃


Louise Conlin Most of my friends left netflix for this! Time for me to try it 鈾ワ笍


Nico Sipes Is this what you were talking about? James


Taylor Mackenzie Worth a shot!


Peter Yang 馃槑 Knew this day would come, more and more people finding out about it


Chadrick Daugherty Looks good, worth a shot I suppose


Daron Von You consume a lot of netflix don't you? Gemma Stanley Check it out


Shahrul Nizam It's common sense, why pay when you can have exactly the same for free..


Raymond Chuah We don't have the free opportunity in our country, wish I lived in Canada!


Teresa Brannigan My daughter has started using this service too it's great